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We are the #1 solution for finding sales partners in HVAC, environmental and energy technology in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, UK, Spain and Portugal.
These sales professionals usually sell to installers and plumbers, planners, architects, industrial companies, public authorities, EPC, farmers or HVAC-wholesalers
You will hardly find a better network of sales partners, importers and distributors in the mentioned markets and industries. Check out our network by clicking through our calculator in the box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can ECO-EXPORT offer the services in almost every country in the world?

Yes – we have a unique, software-supported search process that we use to find potential sales partners worldwide in “our” sectors of environmental/energy technology, so that we can then evaluate them for you over the phone. Conversely, this means:
We are not limited to regions, but to the products and customers we deal with on a daily basis.
Whether you commission us to look for a partner in Baden-Württemberg or in Chile is irrelevant to the process for us.

Why is there a setup fee for ECONOMY and PROFESSIONAL?

With our active searches ECONOMY and PROFESSIONAL, there is an initial fee, which we use to cover the many hours of telephone acquisition of sales partners.
In stages 2 and 3, the success fees are only incurred when we have already successfully provided you with candidates and you start a cooperation with the candidate or the candidates achieve initial sales for you.

Why is the ECO-EXPORT CLASSIC ADVERT rendered anonymous?

After receiving your payment, ECO-EXPORT first checks whether the text of the ad is correct in terms of content and ethically and whether it can be published.
In the second step, the ad is anonymized because it is a so-called CHIFFRE ad.