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Since 2009, we have successfully delivered sales professionals from 21 countries to our customers.
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We are very happy about our trustful relationship with many of our customers.
Here are some quotes of satisfied clients:

Search: Sales agents in Germany - 2021

“Blauberg Ventilatoren GmbH stands for innovative technology and timeless design in fan construction. With one of the largest product ranges on the ventilation market, our company is represented in around 20 countries around the world.

After we had already found a very committed sales representative through
ECO-EXPORT in 2020, we decided to do a new search this year, this time for the ECONOMY service.

In a very short time we received nine interesting candidates from ECO-EXPORT. Due to the excellent preparatory work, after discussions with the applicants, we were able to agree on a cooperation with a new sales representative.

And the best: some are still in the pipeline ... "

Martin von Dall'Armi – Managing Director
– Blauberg –

Search: Head of Sales in Switzerland - 2018

The Swiss ASKOMA AG offers products for the HVAC market, such as Heating inserts and thermostats. With production sites in Switzerland and Malaysia, the company offers long-lasting quality products at attractive conditions.

We commissioned ECO-EXPORT to recruit an important sales position in Switzerland. Before that, we met Mr. Dillig personally during the Hannover Messe. At the same time, we placed job applications online, which provided us with more applicants, but with lower quality.
Finally, we chose one of the ECO-EXPORT-mediated candidates with whom we are working very happily today.

We appreciate the preselection by ECO-EXPORT as well as the very fair price model: A large part of the fee only became due when we actually received suitable applicants or hired a candidate. In the heating, ventilation, sanitary and air-conditioning sectors, ECO-EXPORT has an excellent, perhaps the best network for sales personnel.

Martin Hausin – Management
– Askoma AG –

Search: Sales agents in Germany - 2018

bluMartin develops, produces and sells ventilation systems with heat recovery for new buildings and renovations. The Swegon Group, to which bluMartin belongs, is the Scandinavian market leader for energy-efficient ventilation, air conditioning in buildings and air conditioning systems for trade and industry.

For our search in northern Germany, ECO-EXPORT quickly put us in touch with a very interesting sales representative whom we have signed up. Up to now, we are very satisfied both with his commitment and with the sales development to date.

He personally is very good match with our team. This is the main reason why we can clearly recommend the selection of commercial agents by ECO-EXPORT. Because here you don’t have to rely on an anonymous search platform, but receive the data of candidates personally preselected by telephone based on your own precise search specifications.

That fits, keep it up!

Julian Pahl – Sales Manager
– bluMartin GmbH –

Search: Sales agents in Germany - 2019

For more than 100 years we have been setting new standards for what valves and control devices can do in various systems. Today ESBE products are used all over Europe.

With our 200 employees, we stand for constant and proactive research and development of new products for future areas of application.

We became aware of ECO-EXPORT through a recommendation and used the services for our search in the Berlin-Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania area.

In a very short time, the ECO-EXPORT team established contact with several qualified sales representatives whom we were able to meet in Berlin at very short notice.

Meanwhile we have made our selections and look forward to working with our new sales representative.

We can recommend ECO-EXPORT to other companies by heart and will gladly fall back on the well-founded competence of the team for future searches.

Frank Heninger – Managing Director
– ESBE GmbH –

Search: Sales agents in Germany - 2015

magnetic GmbH & Co. KG is a solution provider for heating and drinking water and sells exclusively to SHC specialist craftsmen.

During the ISH in 2015 in Frankfurt we first met Mr. Dillig of ECO-EXPORT personally. The business and pricing model convinced us so much that 14 days later we placed the first order for the search for sales representatives at ECO-EXPORT.

For us it was crucial: Here is not just an ad connected that attracts any candidate. Rather, the ECO-EXPORT team actively researches and telephones exactly according to our specifications and delivers top candidates – real hits in the truest sense.

We can fully recommend ECO-EXPORT. We look forward to continuing our successful and promising cooperation.

Michael Bader – Geschäftsführer
– magnetic GmbH & Co. KG –

Search: Sales agents in Germany - 2017

ConProMa advises companies, builders, architects and engineering companies around the air industry and air conditioning industry.

We are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of ventilation components and services. In March 2017, we commissioned ECO-EXPORT to search for sales representatives in the German postal code region 7.

Within a few weeks, we received the expressions of interest from six sales representatives who are a good match for us, as they already work in our industry.

We are very satisfied with the performance of ECO-EXPORT.

Hr. Schön – Prokurist
– ConProMa GmbH –

Search: Sales agents in Cuba and Colombia - 2017

Aschoff Solar offers solar system solutions especially for industrial customers. We are successfully active in numerous developing and emerging countries where we use our technical know-how together with local partners.

In January 2018 we commissioned ECO-EXPORT with the search for distribution partners in Cuba and Colombia. We looked specifically for companies that have access to energy or water intensive industries.

Within a few weeks, we received 8 applicants including detailed profiles, all of which had been checked in advance by telephone. Therefore, we knew already before our first telephone call with the applicants, with which manufacturers and in which industries these already work. In a first trip to Cuba we then met several of these applicants in person.

In export, we do not want to pay expensive consultants or abstract market studies but always seek direct contact with local partners. Whenever we cannot find these partners ourselves, ECO-EXPORT is the best way for us to enter the market abroad.

– Aschoff Solar GmbH –

Search: Sales agents in Germany - 2019

EnTEC P & L © GmbH defines itself as a modern and flexible company – with market and sector-oriented management and highly motivated employees, we produce products for heating installation. As a company with extensive experience in the export of our products, the decision to operate through direct sales in Germany was made quickly, but the design was not yet finally clarified.

Working with sales representatives was and is a good option for us. After a short online search and connection with Mr. Dillig from ECO-Export, Mr. Dillig supported us in the search for a suitable sales representative. Of course, ECO-EXPORT’s low-risk pricing model has helped shape the decision for giving it a try.

The search for a candidate was surprisingly uncomplicated and to the point. Within a few days we have already been suggested a candidate. Since he completely fulfills the requirements that we had, he is now already working for us.

Due to the experience and pre-selection by ECO-EXPORT, the entire process from the first connection to the time the sales representative took action for us took less than a month.

We look forward to going back to ECO-EXPORT soon.

Frank Becker – Managing Director
– EnTEC P & L © GmbH –

Search: Sales agents in Sweden and France - 2021

Eturnity is the Swiss market leader in software solutions for the efficient sale of heating and photovoltaic systems. Several building technologies can be combined with the programs. The software allows users to plan a new PV or heating system in minutes.

We initially commissioned ECO-EXPORT to look for a sales partner in the challenging Swedish market. We received a very interesting range of candidates - also from areas that looked beyond the traditional horizon.

Since we were very satisfied with the cooperation with ECO-EXPORT, we commissioned them to conduct another search - this time for the French market. ECO-EXPORT was also able to successfully arrange a partner for us in France.

We are very pleased to be able to count on a reliable partner for our market expansion in ECO-EXPORT.

Doris Frehner – Head of Business Development
– Eturnity AG –

Search: Country Manager and head of sales in Germany - 2020

Genemis Laboratories Inc is a Canadian manufacturer who develops and produces innovative and rapid water testing products, techniques and systems for microbiological testing – with applications in food, pharmaceutical, travel and other industries.

In 2020, when our company was already successfully established in the US and Canadian market, we started our expansion to Germany – our largest potential overseas market. It was our goal to find a local partner to represent us, obtain all necessary certificates and set up logistics and warehousing.

Luckily, we found ECO-EXPORT who assisted us professionally along the way.
To be able to start the actual search, ECO-EXPORT collected detailed information about us and our products and provided us with the necessary translations of all our business documents into the German language.

In the following weeks, they presented us a list of potential business partners genuinely interested in representing our company and with great knowledge of the local industries. From a total of 9 candidates we ultimately chose our existing partner with whom we are happily working since.

We are very satisfied with their team’s commitment, professionalism and kindness and know that we would have not gotten this far without them.

George Botos – CEO
– Genemis Laboratories –

Search: Sales agents in Sweden - 2019

As a successful manufacturer of various brass products in the sanitary industry, we are always in the process of expanding our market.

Expansion abroad was on our agenda in October 2019.
Since the sale of sanitary products via conventional channels is usually very complicated and subject to certain rules, cold calling was no option for us and would be completely hopeless without background knowledge.

As a partner with the right contacts, ECO-EXPORT proofed how to deliver various interested parties to us within the promised time frame.

The company ECO-EXPORT recorded detailed information about us and our products, on the basis of which it was not only able to pass on simple contacts, but also to obtain real interested parties for the products.

The collaboration and billing are very transparent. A number of telephone calls, votes and much more are included in the fee and are not charged separately.

We are completely satisfied!

Peter Metzger – CEO
– Metzger Wassertechnik GmbH –

Search: Sales agents in Sweden - 2018

PALME shower enclosures specializes in the production and development of shower enclosures and wall coverings.

We produce 100% in Austria, offer first-class quality and are one of the innovation drivers of the industry.

Shortly before the summer break in 2018, we commissioned ECO-EXPORT for the first time to look for distributors in Sweden.
Between September and October, we received a total of six interested parties, of which we rated five as top candidates and visited them in November 2018 on site.

For medium-sized manufacturers like PALME the service of ECO-EXPORT is extremely charming:
Our internal time between placing the order and the first trip to Sweden was about 3 hours. The search, address, pre-selection and documentation were carried out entirely by ECO-EXPORT.

With the sector focus on HVAC and with its own network in numerous countries, ECO-EXPORT is clearly the better alternative compared to the services of the chambers of commerce or other consultants.
So we are already looking forward to the next joint project today.

Martin Rauber – Sales Manager
– PALME shower enclosures society m.b.H. –

Search: Sales agents in Great Britain and Germany - 2017 + 2018

STEROS Trocknungstechnik GmbH specializes in individual drying solutions for agriculture and industry – precise, highly efficient and easy to maintain.

We have commissioned ECO-EXPORT for the second time with the PROFESSIONAL Service. First in 2017 for the UK, where we were happy to receive eight preselected candidates through ECO-EXPORT. After telephone calls and personal visits on site as well as joint participation in the fair, we are happy to be able to process the first project requests.

For our second search (in Germany), ECO-EXPORT has already suggested four applicants who met our search criteria.

Admittedly, at the beginning we were skeptical as to whether we would actually find suitable distribution partners for our “special topic” on this journey, but the attempt was really worth it. Today we can fully recommend Mr. Thomas Dillig and his entire ECO-EXPORT team.

Burkhard Laukemper – CEO
– STEROS Trocknungstechnik GmbH –

Search: field sales employee in Germany and sales agent in Spain - 2021 + 2022

„FFG Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been developing, producing and selling innovative, technologically mature vehicle concepts for suction and flushing vehicles for over 25 years.
For the West Germany sales area, we were looking for a permanent area manager or alternatively a sales representative who should be deeply rooted and networked in this region. ECO-EXPORT provided us with very qualified candidates within the tight timeframe promised.
Ultimately, we were able to recruit a permanent employee who, based on his previous work for a competitor, has extensive industry experience and does not need a great deal of familiarization with the subject or the market.
We were very satisfied - so much so that we then commissioned ECO-EXPORT to look for a new sales partner in Spain!"

Lisa Sönnichsen – Head of Sales
– FFG Umwelt technik –

Search: sales professional in Germany - 2018

SALUS Controls GmbH is a member of Computime Group Ltd, the leading supplier in the field of electronic control, and our mission is to develop state-of-the-art, high quality, and appealing designs for business, industry, and end users Its presence worldwide with its own branches and sales partners in various European countries.

We commissioned ECO-EXPORT as an external service provider with the search for a suitable sales representative in Greater Berlin.

We also had to “experience” the shortage of skilled workers during this research. The search was much more difficult and time-consuming than expected. However, with Mr. Dillig and the ECO-EXPORT team, we had a reliable partner who successfully mastered this difficult task.

The preselection of the candidates showed us that ECO-EXPORT really “sat with us” to bring us forward in sales.

We have chosen a candidate who meets our expectations very well and are very pleased to have him in our team.

We can recommend the services of ECO-EXPORT without restrictions.

Achim Boll – Sales Director GSA
– SALUS Controls GmbH –