The right service for every budget

If you’re intensively looking for a sales agent in Europe or a sales employee in Germany the PROFESSIONAL Service is your best choice. If you are not in a hurry use the ECONOMY Service.
And if you want it the classical way or have a limited budget book an online ADVERTISEMENT.

Search in Germany, Austria or Switzerlandxxx
Search in other countries in Europex
Your search is posted as an anonymized ad in our marketplace and social media channelsxxx
E-mailing to our networkxx
Our team actively calls potential candidates by phonexx
Pricingstarting from 200.-€starting from 1.500.-€On demand
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Use this service if you are looking for sales partners in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

It’s classic headhunting by personally calling all candidates who match your requirements. Additionally we publish your anonymized ad on our marketplace and social media channels.

You get this service at a lower price than in the PROFESSIONAL service because we take some more time for the search.

Anonymized ad in our marketplace and social media channels

By active calling we find the sales person which fulfills your requirements

That’s how our ECONOMY service works:

  1. Project start: You define your search criteria, we check them and start your search after your payment. We charge €1,500 for setting up this active search.
  2. Cooperation with the proposed sales partners: We charge you €1,500 for each submitted candidate with whom you start a cooperation.
  3. Successful cooperation: During the first three years of your successful cooperation with the mediated partner(s), ECO-EXPORT receives a success bonus of €900/year and contracted sales partner.


This service is the right one if you are looking for a sales partner or employed sales staff in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or other European countries.
You can even focus on specific regions and you’ll get your results in less time than with the ECONOMY service.
It is classic headhunting, in which we personally telephone sales professionals who match your requirements.
We also place your anonymous CHIFFRE ad on our marketplace and on our social media channels.
We typically deliver 3 to 7 suitable applicants within 4 to 8 weeks who meet your search criteria and are seriously interested in working with you.

Anonymized ad in our marketplace and social media channels

By active calling we find the European sales agents who are matching your requirements

Get results in less time

That’s how our PROFESSIONAL service works:

  1. Project start: You define your search criteria. Based on those we will advise you on your search and point out the special needs and facts of the specific region/country. After paying the set-up fee, we will start your search immediately. If needed, during this search you will actively modify the search profile of suitable candidates.
  2. Delivery of all candidates: After all suitable candidates have been submitted, ECO-EXPORT will receive a first success fee from you.
  3. Collaboration with Channel Partners: We charge you a final success fee for each submitted candidate that you start a collaboration with.

If you are interested, please click on the button below. After an initial conversation, we will be happy to send you a tailor-made offer based on your search criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ECO-EXPORT offer the services in almost every country in the world?

Yes – we have a unique, software-supported search process that we use to find potential sales partners worldwide in “our” sectors of environmental/energy technology, so that we can then evaluate them for you over the phone. Conversely, this means:
We are not limited to regions, but to the products and customers we deal with on a daily basis.
Whether you commission us to look for a partner in Baden-Württemberg or in Chile is irrelevant to the process for us.

Why is there a setup fee for ECONOMY and PROFESSIONAL?

With our active searches ECONOMY and PROFESSIONAL, there is an initial fee, which we use to cover the many hours of telephone acquisition of sales partners.
In stages 2 and 3, the success fees are only incurred when we have already successfully provided you with candidates and you start a cooperation with the candidate or the candidates achieve initial sales for you.

Why is the ECO-EXPORT CLASSIC ADVERT rendered anonymous?

After receiving your payment, ECO-EXPORT first checks whether the text of the ad is correct in terms of content and ethically and whether it can be published.
In the second step, the ad is anonymized because it is a so-called CHIFFRE ad.