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For 8 companies out of 10, the biggest problem when ``going international`` is to find the right local partners abroad.
ECO-EXPORT offers you the following solutions:

Solution #1: The DIRECT service (starting at 55 EUR): You select sales partners, we contact them on your behalf

We contact sales partners which you selected previously in our online-database, by telephone and e-mail. Interested sales partners will usually reply within the first two weeks. We achieve response rates between 5% and 40%.

Solution #2: ADVERTISEMENT (starting at 100,- EUR): Get seen by potential sales partners worldwide

Place an advertisement – either anonymously or including your company logo and contact data.
Your advantage: your ad reaches commission-based sales partners only, so it is extremely focused.
Your ad is visible:
1. on our website during 3 months
2. in our monthly Online Magazine that reaches more than 6.400 readers
3. in our social media networks with more than 5.200 decision makers, where we will place your ad at least 4 times

Solution #3: The HEADHUNTER service (starting at 4.800 EUR): Outsource your entire search to us - and receive complete profiles of interested sales partners

Within 8-12 weeks, receive from us sales partners from nearly every country worldwide! We research and call several hundred potential partners to select those that best match with your requirements. These sales partners await your call or your personal visit.

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