Find independent sales agents, other sales partners or sales staff.
Here are anwers to the most common questions.


What is ECO-EXPORT – a sales agent?
No, ECO-EXPORT provides access to sales partners (such as sales agents) and full-time sales staff. Also, we do the “cold calling” for you if you want to sell directly to your end customers.

Which network does ECO-EXPORT use to find distribution partners?
Since 2009, our team has built up its own database of sales partners for complex products, especially for building technology, environmental and industrial technology. We currently have almost 3,000 entries in Germany and about 16,000 worldwide.
All decision-makers in our network sell products to HVAC installers, engineering companies, industry, municipalities, farmers or wholesalers.
If you want to sell to these target customers, we’re probably the best solution for your sales problem.

How can ECO-EXPORT offer this service worldwide?
We have a unique, software-based search process that allows us to find potential sales partners worldwide in “our” industries, add them to our database and then evaluate them by phone when needed. This means we are not limited to regions, but to the industries in which we feel comfortable. The tasks we perform for you internally are nearly the same whether you ask us to find yournew partners in Berlin, in Chile or in Canada..

“Does ECO-EXPORT also sell address lists of decision makers that we can call ourselves”?

What is a “candidate”?
Each sales partner we contact on your behalf will receive your company and product information from us, as well as a questionnaire for him to complete (please ask us for examples of questionnaires from past projects).
An applicant is a sales partner who provided us with this information, who meets your search criteria and wishes to make an appointment and/or a phone call with you. Through this procedure, we make sure to deliver candidates with a real chance to generate new sales.
If you are looking for permanent staff with us, then an applicant is a private person who fulfills the criteria of your job profile and actively applies for the job advertised at our company.

ECO-EXPORT’s pricing model
As one of the few service providers, we share the risk with each of our customers and charge fees in 3 steps:
– at the beginning of each project
– if we deliver suitable applicants
– if you start a collaboration with an applicant or generate sales with him.
You can be sure that we are only successful if you too are.

“Why do you charge a fee at the beginning?”
The search for sales partners costs time and money. After finding sales agents for more than 10 years we know: If you are not serious about investing money and time, the search for and cooperation with new partners is rarely successful – or simply a matter of luck. And: only when we actively present your products to the sales partners on the phone we understand how attractive your offer really is to the market players. We are not willing cover this initial risk alone but rather share it with our clients.
By the way: the first 1-2 trips to meet your new sales partners are typically more expensive than the cost of our services…

Is our service free for sales partners, sales agents and private applicants?

Why is special about ECO-EXPORT?
Unlike other services or consultants, we do not just place an ad and wait for candidates to get back. Rather than that, we are the only service provider that
– has an own network in HVAC, industrial or environmental technology
– calls decision makers directly by phone, presents your products and asks for their interest in a partnership
– offers you a fair price model sharing your risk.

“How does ECO-EXPORT make sure that the sales partners actually fulfil my requirements?”
1. Tell us your search criteria in our short questionnaire
2. We contact potential partners in our network by phone and e-mail
3. When we receive a positive feedback we interview that sales partner by phone according to your specifications. This way we can we make sure he
– has valid interest in your product program
– still has spare capacity
– sell products that do not overlap with your portfolio
4. Only when a prospective customer meets your search criteria we forward you his profile. We guarantee that you will only receive suitable applicants from us who have the potential to actually generate new sales for your company in the short or medium term: only specialists, not newcomers.

What are “complementary products”?
Which products should your “ideal” sales representative already be successfully selling since many years so that he will be actually able to generate sales for you as well? We call these products “complementary products”.

“Does ECO-EXPORT tell us the reasons why sales partners refused to cooperate with us”?
Yes. We will inform you on the negative replies we get from sales partners we call on your behalf – such as
– “we don’t have enough capacity to pick up another supplier”
– “we already work with a competitor of this supplier”
– “we think the risk is too high and do not want to work with this supplier”

“How can I respond to an ad in the marketplace?
We are happy to introduce your company to sales partners you have found on our marketplace. For you this is free and without obligation – only if you start working with a sales partner we will charge fees and commissions.
The 3 easy steps are:

Step 1 – free of charge
Send us your company and product documentation by e-mail so that we can forward it to the sales partner. A few days later, we will call him to ask if he is interested in a possible cooperation with you.

Step 2 – free of charge
If the sales partner is not interested, we will inform you by e-mail.

Step 3
If a sales partner is interested, you will receive his profile from us and you can speak directly or meet him in person. If this does not result in a cooperation, there are no costs for you at all. Only when you decide to work together, we charge you
– 500, – EUR at the start of your cooperation
– ongoing commissions of 1/4 (based on the commission rate of the sales partner) or a one-time success payment once the sales partner generates sales for you.
An example: your ales partner receives 10% in commissions from you. In addition, ECO-EXPORT receives another 2.5% commissions from you during the first 4 years. Alternatively, we can agree on a one-time payment if you generate sales with your new sales partner.

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