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18 Feb


RADIANT CEILING PANELS – SALES AGENTS WANTED – UK, IRELAND, SCANDINAVIA: A German company offers the first modular system for radiant ceiling panels for small halls (for example, warehouses, workshops, joineries) which… – can be installed without time-consuming planning – fit into any van due to their standard measurements (2 or 3 meters in length), […]

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17 Jan


RENEWABLE ENERGY, RECYCLING – SALES AGENT IS LOOKING FOR NEW PRODUCTS – UK: Independent sales company is always looking for new manufacturers to develop their sales in the UK. With access to a variety of buyers this sales company currently represents manufacturers of e.g. biomass stoves, building and construction components, ground reinforcement products as well […]

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07 Nov

ROMANIA – Sales of Environmental Technology in Romania (Chiffre No. 16368)

ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY – MANUFACTURER WANTED – ROMANIA: A local sales agency from Romania is looking for further manufacturers of environmental and supply technology (sewer and water networks, telecom, road construction) for distribution in Romania. Many years of experience in working for a German provider, German as a communication language is possible.   ARE YOU INTERESTED? […]

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08 Oct

GREAT BRITAIN – Renewable Energy for business (Chiffre No. 16334)

RENEWABLE ENERGIES FOR BUSINESS – MANUFACTURERS WANTED – UK: This distributor offers solutions for commercial and municipal use, including e.g. CHP, heat pumps or complete biogas plants. To supplement this portfolio further products in need of clarification are sought – if possible with unique selling points.   ARE YOU INTERESTED? Please leave us a message […]

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29 Aug

CANADA and USA – Energy Efficiency, Recycling, Environmental Technology (Chiffre No. 16367)

ENERGY EFFICIENCY, RECYCLING, ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY – MANUFACTURERS WANTED – USA AND CANADA LOOKING FOR NEW: An electrical engineer with many years of experience in energy efficiency and related products is interested in selling more innovative technologies in the US and Canada. Currently active e.g. in the construction sector with new, recycled products.   ARE YOU INTERESTED? Please […]

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