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We solve the largest problem of companies that want to sell their products abroad:
The search for a local sales partner

You don’t have the network, the time, or the infrastructure to find and „cold call“ new sales partners yourself? Now you can find there partners in almost every country worldwide – with a single platform:

Based on your search criteria, you receive matching candidates within a few weeks that we have pre-selected on the phone. This way, you gain quick market access for your business.

  • are sales partners like agents, distributores, wholesalers, importer or other manufacturers who have a complementary product range
  • have received your documents from us
  • meet your search criteria and
  • want to talk to you or meet in person.

You save up to 90% of all costs to find distribution partners, such as trade fairs, foreign travel, own staff or exorbitant fees for so-called “consultants”.

We do not sell lists of address (we are not a list broker) or expensive consulting hours.

(1) Every week we talk to 200 to 400 sales partners in our network on the phone for our clients. That’s why only we know which sales partners have free sales capabilities and what types of products they might be searching for their existing sales portfolio.

(2) We focus on HVAC, industrial and environmental solutions. In our network, we reach more than 16,000 industry-specific sales partners worldwide, 3,000 of them in Germany.

ECO-EXPORT delivers sales partners for HVAC, industry or environmental applications. Typically, our clients offer complex technical products requiring explanation.

The sales partners we deliver to our clients sell to industry, public authorities, HVAC installers, planners, architects, farmers or wholesalers.

Many other “intermediaries” and „consultants“ claim to be able to find sales partners for any product – from women’s tights to power plants. At ECO-EXPORT, our goal is rather to deliver industry specific, pre-selected real candidates that have a high chance of generating new revenues for your business.

We do not offer sales support to private end customers (B2C).

For all our services we charge rather small handling fees as well as success-based payments if we find the right candidates for you and these candidates generate new sales for your business.

ECO-EXPORT somehow started back in 1988 when Thomas Dillig, founder and owner, developed the first software programs on a PC (Commodore VC20). Backed up with an acoustic coupler and an Atari ST, he developed more and more software to filter and process data from various sources (such as the then BTX or „BBC“-mailboxes) for specific applications.

10 years later: In his first full-time job, Thomas has to build a network of sales representatives in the US and in Latin America for a manufacturer of specialty chemicals. This search is done mainly by looking through (offline) address books and by phone.

Another 7 years later, in 2005, Thomas returns from a two-year stay in China – with the original idea for ECO-EXPORT in mind. In China he experienced firsthand that something basic was missing – clean air, clean water, clean energy. He realized that there had to be significant demand for German industrial products in China to solve these problems. Back in Germany, he initially worked for companies offering environmental and medical solutions for China. Then, after a few months, he founded „eco2business“, the first online platform for greentec companies seeking access to the Chinese market.

However, it soon became apparent that manufacturers were not only struggling to enter the Chinese market, but other foreign markets as well. The idea for ECO-EXPORT was born.


Our professional team consists of 23 mainly freelance team members who are covering apart from English, German, Spanish and Chinese 11 other languages.

Thomas Dillig

Founder and General Manager

Born in 1972 in Erlangen, Germany, Thomas graduated in macroeconomics. He has spent several years abroad – mainly in China and the USA. After several software projects realized throughout the years he founded the innovative platform ECO-Export.

languages: Chinese, French, Spanish, German, English

Pilar Martín Cueto

Head Of Project Management

With her international work experience achieved in over 20 years – e.g. Germany, Switzerland, China and the UK – Pilar enriches our global Project Management. Her special focus is taking care of our customers in the Spanish speaking countries.

languages: Spanish, German, English

Urs Laste

Marketing & PR Consultant

Throughout the last 15 years Urs covered several jobs in Marketing, PR and Sales in the GSA area. After being general manager for three companies he decided to go on a world trip and is now back offerin his knowledge as Marketing Consultant.

languages: German, French, Spanish, English

Rieke Heukeroth

Translation & Datamanagement

In Rieke’s life Kyoto doesn’t just stand fort he environmental treaty. She lived there during her studies. Apart from her university career she’s dealing with e-learning-programs, journalism for the Volleyball team of TV and she does Kendo.

languages: Japanese, German, English

Yimin Lin

Translation & Datamanagement

With even two Master degrees in Business Administration and English Yimin started her career in a sales agency for european engineering in Shanghai. Like in eco2business she keeps taking care of our chinese data and translations for ECO-Export

languages: Chinese, German, English

Judit Schmidt

Translation & Datamanagement

Judit loves photography and video production. The Hungaro-German entrepreneur has lots of creative spirit and runs her own company Stofflink. Her international experience e.g. in Brazil and her professional support to ECO-Export is highly appreciated.

languages: Hungarian, Portuguese, English, German

Lorena Zangl


Born in Spain and grown up in Germany Lorena studies Social Sciences, Politics and Law in Würzburg. Beside this she’s ivolved in several worldwide NGO projects. Intercultural competence for her means far more than theoretical dossiers on paper.

languages: Spanish, English, French, German

Isabela Almeida


After studying communications and media science in Minas Gerais (Brazil) and managing the family Isabela now works as a PR-consultant within the cosmetics industry in Northamerica. At ECO-Export she is in charge of "non-cosmetic mixtures of data".

languages: Portuguese, English, German

Michael Ebersberger

Translation & Datamanagement

Michael is not just following his science studies of „Pop- & Mediaculture of Japan“ but is also having an eye on our japanese data of ECO-Export. With a special focus as the Greece-born German is now living and studying in Tokio.

languages: Japanese, Greek, German, English

Marc Fürncäs

Translation & Datamanagement

Marc studies Japanese und Nordistic Science and takes care of the ECO-Export data from Scandinavia and Japan. Beside this he is member of the theatre group „Tanz und Späldeel Leba e.V.“ and works as a student’s tutor for japanese history.

languages: Japanese, German, English

Sylvia O´Neill


Although her name sounds Irish Sylvia is an italo-german enthusiast of numbers. Apart from working as a financial controller and freelance staff for ECO-Export she also provides tutoring services to students in maths, English and Spanish.

languages: Italian, Spanish, English, German

Mercedes Martín Cueto

Translation & Datamanagement

Two studies – Science of Fine Arts and education – sharpened her sense for what she’s doing now. Taking care of arts and her little son. And by the way she’s harvesting tropical fruits in her own patch of fruit trees in southern Spain.

languages: Spanish, English

Lina Reiser


After her Work & Travel in Australia Lina joined ECO-Export. Beside her activities on stage the student of Theatre- and Media Sciences in Germany is dealing with our english data regarding green technologies and renewable energies.

languages: German, English


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