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Why chose us

Since 2009, we only offer ONE service. We don't sell ANY expensive consulting services or cheap bulk addresses, but deliver professional contacts in many countries worldwide to increase sales for you. Yes: in ”our” industries, we believe to be the best service provider you can find.

Manufacturers and suppliers around the world appreciate our matchmaking services because they don’t have the necessary network, manpower or infrastructure to find sales partners by themselves.

If you don’t want to rely on random trade fair contacts or dubious consulting services, or if you don’t have own capacities for this type of search, then ECO-EXPORT offers you access to many new markets worldwide.

Your specific advantages with ECO-EXPORT

Clear focus on environmental and renewable energy technologies, only for business-to-business (we don’t offer direct sales contacts to private end customers).

Global experience for your company: find sales partners in nearly every country worldwide in this single platform. From past projects in 21 countries,  see some of our client’s statements here.

Friendly budgets for our clients, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises: our fees are fair and – for our “Professional” service – up to 90% success-based. Forget about all the existing costs and hassles to find sales partners, like participating in exhibitions, extensive travelling, desktop research or paying horrendous fees for consultants.

The perfect infrastructure

To find the right partners for our clients, we maintain a unique database of thousands of sales agents that we have built up since 2009, an extensive software infrastructure that scans more than 140.000 online sources for indicators that lead us to the sales partners you are looking for, a team covering 11 languages and an own methodology to deliver you matching sales partners not within months, but within days or weeks.

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