webinar how to find sales partners


You are looking for sales partners but still have many unanswered questions?
Here you will learn how to find and hire new dealers, sales representatives or importers by yourself without further external assistance.


Learn how to find, call, select and sign a contract with new sales partners. As a result, our customers generate new sales of up to 6-digits within a few months. You only need to invest your own time.


After this webinar you can
– call new potential partners on the same day
– select sales partners and convince them to work for you
– sign a contract with new partners and start selling.

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This webinar is right for you if you
– are looking for sales partners for the first time
– have no budget for hiring and paying full-time staff
– have unsuccessfully tried other alternatives such as the chambers of commerce, job advertisements, exhibitions or (unserious) consultants

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An online seminar (“webinar”) is an event on the internet that you can attend from your screen and get your questions answered live. To participate, you only need internet access and headphones (or speakers). If you can’t attend the webinar will be available as a video for you to watch later on.


What types of sales partners are there?
“Sales partner” is above all only a concept – with “selling” as the common mutual goal between a sales partner and a supplier. We will show you which partners there are.

Define your “ideal” partner:
Which requirements should your partner fulfill? What are you looking for? Use our internal checklist for targeted searches.

Your offer must be “sexy” for partners and their customers:
Squeeze the value of your offer for customers and partners into a few precise sentences – dozens of examples from our daily practice will help you do so. Then, you will be able to pitch your offer to potential new partners the best possible way.

Search successfully!
In the main part of the webinar, we’ll show you how to search – e.g. in general and specialized search engines, in (social) networks, through advertisements or at trade exhibitions

Contact new sales partners
Sales partners are in demand: With our proven interview guides and e-mail templates we will show you how to arouse interest in your offer on the phone as well.

What do you need to contact new sales partners in a professional way and work with them later? Some comments on software, reporting and targets.

Choose your partner
How not to rely on your gut feeling but on our checklists.

Contracts and commissions
It does not need a large legel document but rather answers to the most important questions such as commissions, area or customer protection, etc.


Thomas Dillig, born in 1972, Economist, is the founder and owner of ECO-EXPORT. He has been invited to speak about “Sales Development” and “Internationalization” on numerous occasions since 2009. You can see the list of his lectures here.

Today, ECO-EXPORT is the number one matchmaking service to find B2B sales partners for building technology, environmental and industrial technology at home and abroad. Also, ECO-EXPORT helps companies find full-time sales staff and offers direct sales services (“cold calling”) to get new customers.


The online seminar “10x more sales with new sales partners” contains 6 short sessions of 60 minutes each. The sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 15 am to 16 am CET on the following dates: February 2019: 12.2., 19.2., 26.2., March 2019: 5.3., 12.3., 19.3.

The total cost for all 6 seminar units is 199, – EUR per participant plus valid VAT.

This is what you get on top free of charge:

-> 30 minutes of individual telephone consultation!
After the online seminar, the CEO of ECO-EXPORT will personally assist you to answer your specific questions.

-> internal documents from ECO-EXPORT
– the questionnaire to define your “ideal” partner
– our telephone scripts for you to “cold call” potential new sales partners for the first time
– link lists to industry-specific address sources where you can find sales partners
– templates for contracts with sales partners

-> your personal recording
For you as a participant, every completed seminar will be available online as a video, audio and text document. This is useful if you can’t attend or if want to take a look at the content again.

Registration is open from Januar 30, 2019.

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conditions of participation
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To take part in the webinar you need Internet access and headphones or speakers. We reserve the right to postpone or cancel events for organizational reasons. In case of cancellation we will pay back any amounts already received.

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