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09 Jan

Starting the complex product sale abroad


Example: Search for sales partners for sewage technology in Germany

The sales partner: “On top of our sales activities, we could create access to prestigious institutes for your company, which will lead to initial reference projects.”
The manufacturer: “We want to generate sales – and not talk to institutes.


Our advice

As a manufacturer, be aware that selling complex, technical products takes time, especially in such structured and transparent countries as, for example, Germany. Generate trust in your probably still unknown brand, especially through first references, which potential clients can visit on site.

Independent sales reps should be clear that most manufacturers will start doing business in new geographical markets without a prior comprehensive market research and thus have to rely on the opinion of their sales rep. It often takes the sales reps a lot of time to explain to the manufacturers the way business is being done in their region and what the conditions for long-term sales success really are.

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