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20 Oct

Some basic stats on sales reps

For all of you interested in working with independent sales representatives in Germany, here is some compressed, basic data:

There are approx. 50.000 independent B2B sales reps in Germany, with an average sales volume of around 4.5m EUR each. Typically, a sales rep works for 4-5 manufacturers, more than 50% already represent at least one foreign manufacturer.

Within the environmental technology and renewables industries, we know from hundreds of conversations with these sales agents that approximately 30-40% of them do not have an internet website but rather operate within their existing network of contacts and get recommended. Although they are generally interested in finding new products for their sales portfolio, some 10-20% of all the sales agents we talk to tell us that they simply don’t have the capacity to accept new product lines – and/or that they are doing very well already and do not need any further suppliers. This, plus the language barrier, makes it quite difficult for foreign companies to find adequate German sales agents.

In we offer direct and access to some 3.000 sales representatives within the environmental and renewables industry in Germany (more than 20.000 worldwide), at a very affordable price. We are happy to assist you in “shaping” your offer so that German sales agents will consider you as a potential partner to work with.

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