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You are an independent sales agent looking for more products to sell?
Then use our free services to find new suppliers.

Manufacturers of technologies, machines or components from the environmental industry use ECO-EXPORT to find new sales agents like you.
To make yourself seen, we offer you the following services.

Please chose from the following services:

For free: post a banner "supplier wanted" and get seen by manufacturers.

To help you find new products, suppliers and lines, we offer you – free of charge – to place a banner on ECO-EXPORT. Convince the companies of your skills! Don’t let the mere chance do your acquisition job – use our services provided to thousands of sales agents worldwide!


1. Input the text for your banner
2. Suppliers can browse through these banners
3. ..and, if interested, can contact you after paying a small fee to us.


If you are an independent sales representatives, we offer you free-of-charge banners in order to find new suppliers for your sales portfolio. These banners are visible on the front page of www.eco-export.com as well as in our menu “Find new sales agents” where suppliers can scan your banner and others.

For free: browse banners that suppliers posted and contact suppliers directly, if you are interested


1. Suppliers looking for new sales partners can place a banner on eco-export. These banners contain their respective contact information.
2. As a sales partner, you can browse all these banners
3. ..and contact the suppliers you are interested in, directly!


This service is free of charge for sales partners.

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