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Sales agents - a definition

Sales agents (also sales reps, sales representatives or, as we say, sales partners) are persons or organizations designated by a company to solicit business on its behalf in order to sell products, components, machinery, systems or services to other companies (business-to-business, B2B). They often represent various manufacturers in a specified geographical area and therefore have extensive experience in their sector. This is why sales representatives not only are important partners for sales, but also offer valuable information to manufacturers in the very early stages of their market entry.

Sales representatives not only take care of the actual selling and maintaining existing customer relationships but often assist in the technical engineering, participate in local exhibitions and provide other related services. They usually work on a 100% commission basis and therefore constitute an interesting, low-cost alternative to employing sales staff.

In our (ECO-EXPORT) daily business, we consider a sales partner to be a company or an individual that sells to as many clients as possible within your desired geographical area. Also, he might already deal with a certain group of products relevant to you and your business. Therefore, a sales partner can be a sales representative, an engineering office, a manufacturer or, e.g., a consulting company.

Sales agents - why chose to work with them?

You want to sell you products in geographical regions too remote to handle them yourself, but you don’t run a sales team of full-time employees to do so? In this case, you might want to find someone local, a salesperson, who’s been dealing with products similar to yours for years, who knows the clients and speaks their language (in every respect). This will save you time and money because you only pay this representative of yours if he actually sells your products – without fixed salaries, only based on sales commissions.

The "Professional" service: Why do you think you can really find sales partners for us?

We have delivered sales partners to suppliers since 2009, all within the renewables and environmental technology industry.

All our clients look for sales partners that sell to one or more of the following target groups: installers, engineering offices, building and construction companies, public entities, industry, wholesalers or farmers.

Because we do not focus on the technology but rather on the matchmaking process, we are able to start each project from scratch, following a well defined methodology our team has developed. We do not accumulate know-how in technologies or markets and don’t try to sell this know-how as consultants like other intermediaries.

Today, in greentech industries we are now the no. 1 choice for finding sales partners worldwide.

The "Professional" service - how long does it take ECO-EXPORT to deliver interested sales partners?

Usually we’ll deliver the contact details of the sales agents interested in your services within eight weeks after starting the search. The required time depends on your search criteria and your target region. Finding a sales agent for photovoltaic in UK is much easier than finding your partner in the field of renewable energy in North Korea.

The "Professional" service - is it possible that you do not find sales agents for us?

Since establishing our company this happened just two times – that’s why we’re pretty sure to present you qualified sales partners for your business.

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