Category: sales partner wanted

18 Feb


RADIANT CEILING PANELS – SALES AGENTS WANTED – UK, IRELAND, SCANDINAVIA: A German company offers the first modular system for radiant ceiling panels for small halls (for example, warehouses, workshops, joineries) which… – can be installed without time-consuming planning – fit into any van due to their standard measurements (2 or 3 meters in length), […]

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08 Jan

UK – building technology (Chiffre-Nr. 16375)

SWISS SUPPLIER IS LOOKING FOR UK SALES PARTNERS: A highly renowned Swiss supplier in building technology is looking for sales partners in the UK. With a staff of around 200 and with more than 50 years of experience, they offer top quality, low-maintenance products in core competencies; hydronic balancing, distribution technology, system technology, valves and […]

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