The cheapest way to find pre-selected, suitable applicants: during 12 weeks we present the products of several manufacturers from the same sector by telephone to sales agents. This means internal time savings for us and reduced costs for you - and you'll get 2 matching sales partners.




Covering entire Germany we could provide sales agents succesfully for e.g. these products:
belt dryer for industry, farmers and sewage plants in several zip-code regions
low-temperature radiant heating systems in Bavaria
heat pumps and condensing technology in northern Germany
room ventilation systems in entire Germany
machine- and control cabinet cooling in zip code area 6, 7 and 8
heating fittings in north-, south-, central- and western Germany
many more products.


the 3 most frequent questions about the STARTER Service

The STARTER Service offers you the search for the best matching sales partner on a very low budget. It costs less then an advert in a trade magazine and much less than in a common search engine platform in the internet.  On a daily base we’re constantly speaking to sales agents of exactly your branch. teThis means: If you’re not in a hurry but dispose of a certain time window STARTER is the unexpensive alternative within the field of sales partner search.

On one hand we’re presenting your products in our daily calls with sales agents of exactly your branch. Inoposition to our PROFESSIONAL Service in the STARTER we’re not calling sales agents exclusively on your behalf. We’re using synergy effects of these calls to present and market your products in the same call.

On the other hand due to the fact that we obtain parts of our remuneration in form of provisions we’re sharing the risk with each of our customers. That means that we’ll just have financial success if you do so.

Just in the positive case that you’ll start a cooperation with a sales partner yoUu’d have to may further fees and commissions.
In this case we charge you a one off fee of 700,- EUR when signing contract with your new sales agent as well as furthermore provisions on upcoming revenues realised with this sales partner.
Our provisionen are 1/8 of the provisions of your new sales agent.

Ein Beispiel:
Der Vertriebspartner erhält 8% Provisionen auf den durch ihn vermittelten Umsatz von Ihnen ausbezahlt, wir (ECO-EXPORT) erhält zusätzlich 1%. Alternativ Zahlung eines einmaligen Erfolgshonorars nach Absprache.

Didn’t get an answer on your question…? have a look in our FAQ if you can find it there.

You can use the STARTER Service from 700, - EUR plus commissions. For references as well as for a specific offer, please call us on +49 911 5805569 or write us:

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